Naameh Building

Location: Naameh, Lebanon

Time of Execution: 2009- 2011

Capital: $4,500,000

Profile: The Complex consists of 5 luxurious buildings located in Naameh in an underdeveloped area surrounded by green space. Works include all civil, finishing, electro-mechanical, & interior decoration works. The 5 buildings are for residential purposes & are composed of simplex apartments of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms & 4 bedrooms units with areas varying from 190m2 up to 230 m2 & with 3 car parking spaces. In addition, the project includes a commercial area of 6000 m2.  The project consists of 4 floors at each building of the complex. Total Built up area is around 10,000 m2. Each building is characterized by having a luxurious entrance, its own individual drop off area & garden as well as a guard maintaining the security of each unit.